Our History

Founded by Thomas “Rick” Hughes, Capital Processing Systems has a long standing tradition of professional, wealth building solutions for business owners. Drawing from his diverse experience, Rick founded a business that he knew fulfilled the immediate and long-term needs of his clients. During our company’s formative years, we were a general agency of products and services, for multiple insurers and third party administrators. As Capital Processing Systems has grown, we’ve slowly mastered the ability to develop, implement and administrate our wide range of products and services.

Since our inception, Capital Companies’ original two branches have developed into multiple, specialized divisions, to accommodate our clients’ evolving businesses and needs.
Capital Automotive’s industry exclusive Flexible Consolidation Program, FlexPro, allows for steady growth and continuous success through the F&I departments of dealerships.

Products Built

Around your Needs

Capital Processing Systems offers products and services to help you navigate difficult situations which may arise with during your vehicle ownership.

Our Vision

Capital Companies’ vision is to offer the best products and services that match every need and many desires of our client partners.

We cherish our relationships and continue to value our clients and partners who have contributed to our growth and success throughout the years.

To express our gratitude, Capital Companies has begun vertically integrating some products and services to business partners. Our vision is manifested in the investments we make in our clients and confidence we have in our products and services.


Capital Companies offers a dynamic work environment. From outside sales agents to actuarial processing personnel, Capital Companies has a career path for differing skills.

We actively seek persons that are driven to succeed. Self-motivated and well organized personnel thrive within our company.

We offer insurance, retirement plans, and a drug-free, family friendly workplace.

Interested seekers for a position with one of Capital Companies’ branches may submit a resume to the right, that will be directed to our human resources team.

Thank you for considering Capital Companies for your Career Opportunity

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