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Catalytic Converters are being stolen at an alarming rate! Here are the catalytic converter thefts by year*:

Thefts in 2018: 1,298
Thefts in 2019: 3,389
Thefts in 2020: 14,433
Thefts in 2021: 50,000
Thefts in 2022: 64,000

And the numbers keep rising!

* According to

Why are Catalytic Converters so attractive to thieves?

They contain some very valuable metals**

Rhodium $14,430.00 per ounce
Palladium $1,950.00 per ounce
Platinum $942.00 per ounce

** 5 yr average as of 5/9/23 According to HTTPS://WWW.KITCO.COM/

The CatTrak Solution and Process

  • Permanent high temperature silver mylar combination Warning Label-Stencils are applied to each catalytic converter, engraving a
    permanent PIN & Toll-Free reporting number.
  • The supplied dauber bottle is used to apply the CatTrak Catalytic Converter Engraving Solution to the stencil surface, permanently
    etching the unique catalytic converter PIN & Toll-Free reporting number into the catalytic converter.
  • The supplied door jamb sticker, with PIN and Toll-Free Phone Number, is applied to the door jamb.
  • The supplied Warning Stickers are placed on the vehicle windows.
  • A PIN Stencil Label is applied to the deal jacket or the PIN is entered into the DMS, according to the stores process.
  • Using the Capital Processing Systems, Inc. (CPS) proprietary online reporting tool, the dealership reports the PIN and VIN to CPS. This process is best performed in the back office but can also be done in the Finance and Insurance or other Department. Once the PIN and VIN are entered in the reporting module, an email will be sent to the user’s email address with an attached Certificate of Catalytic Converter Etching, which can be inserted into the deal jacket and provided to the vehicle purchaser upon sale.
  • Under its Strategic Partner Agreement with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), CPS registers the PIN and VIN making it available
    to all law enforcement nationwide.

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