Question: What does my agreement cover?
Answer: In order to understand what components are covered, refer to the section of your agreement titled “What parts does this Agreement cover”.
Question: What might cause my claim to be denied?
Answer: There are various circumstances, components and conditions which may not be covered under your specific plan so in order for you to understand what those specifics, please refer to the section of your agreement titled “What does this Agreement not cover”.
Question: Does my agreement come with Roadside Assistance?
Answer: CPS offers a wide range of products and services. In order to be sure whether or not your specific product comes with Roadside Assistance and, where applicable, the details of the benefit, please refer directly to your customer agreement.
Question: How do I cancel my agreement?
Answer: First, read through your agreement to see if it is cancellable. If you determine that it is, go back to your selling dealership who will help you fill out a cancellation request form.
Question: In the event of a breakdown, is the diagnosis of my vehicle covered?
Answer: Diagnosis will only be covered in the event of a covered repair as defined in your agreement.
Question: Where can I take my vehicle for service?
Answer: Any state licensed repair facility capable of performing the proper diagnosis and repairs. The repair facility should provide a minimum 1 year or 12,000 mile part and labor guarantee for any parts used to repair your vehicle. We recommend that you bring your vehicle back to your selling dealer if that’s possible.

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