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Obtaining Service

The main thing is for you to be safe.


Take immediate action to prevent further damage. This Agreement will not cover damage caused by not securing a timely repair of the failed component.


If it is dangerous to operate Your Vehicle, or if operating Your Vehicle may cause further damage, You must have the Vehicle towed.


Take Your Vehicle to the selling Dealer listed on the Schedule or if impractical any state-licensed repair facility.


You or the repair facility must call Our Claim Department at 844-463-1618 for approval prior to repairing or cleaning any parts.


You or the repair facility must provide an estimate of parts and labor costs in order to obtain approval. No claim payments will be made if Our Claim Department has not issued a claim approval reference number prior to repairing, replacing, or cleaning any parts, unless the repair or replacement was performed at a time outside of Our business hours and the repair is determined by Us to be a Breakdown and meets the definition of Emergency Repair.


You must authorize any charge(s) necessary to determine cause of failure. This includes necessary diagnostic and teardown charges. If it is determined that the failure does not constitute a Breakdown under the terms of this Agreement, You must pay for all diagnostic, teardown and repair charges.


You must cooperate in Our investigation of any breakdown. You must allow Us to inspect Your Vehicle if We ask to do so. We have no obligation to inspect Your Vehicle or to certify its condition before or after covered repairs are completed.


You must, upon request, show Us and/or the repair facility all sales receipts, invoices, or work orders showing that the Vehicle has been properly serviced or maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications and provide documentation to prove ownership of the Vehicle.


Within thirty (30) days of the repair, You must furnish Us with copies of an itemized, dated repair order signed by You and paid receipt(s), including any paid receipt(s) for substitute transportation and, if applicable, emergency roadside assistance expenses. All receipts must be in Your name and must show the date(s), Vehicle description, and odometer reading at the time of the Breakdown, and Your Agreement number.

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