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By taking time to understand your agency, dealerships, markets and customers, Capital can tailor products and services to meet stakeholder’s needs and objectives.

New Product for 2023!

Stop Theft Fast



Catalytic Converters are being stolen at an alarming rate! Here are the catalytic converter thefts by year*:

Thefts in 2019: 3,389
Thefts in 2020: 14,433
Thefts in 2021: 50,000
Thefts in 2022: 64,000

* According to

Vehicle Service Agreement & Limited Warranty Programs

  • CPS offers five vehicle service agreement/limited warranty programs covering virtually ALL dealership inventories and customers.
  • Terms up 10-years and 150,000 miles.
  • Service agreement coverage for new and late model pre-owned vehicles tailored to the underlying manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Limited warranty and wrap as well as named component and exclusionary service agreement coverage for pre-owned vehicles with up to 150,000 starting odometer miles.
  • Limited liability named component coverage for higher mileage vehicles with up to 238,000 starting odometer miles.

CPS has the product line to effectively meet all dealership needs!

  • E-Rating
  • Online Claim Initiation
  • Comprehensive F&I Training
  • E-Contracting
  • DMS & Menu Integration
  • Real-Time Access to Reporting Functions

BBB Rating & Accreditation

Accredited Since: 11/25/2015
Years in Business: 9

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